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This Reason Causes People Try Smoking

This Reason Causes People Try Smoking | Various methods are used to restraint the use of cigarettes in the world. But still many people who continue to smoke. Addicts stop smoking is not easy, but it could have been avoided if people know what caused the start to try cigarettes.

Various studies show an association between smoking and health issues. According to WHO, one of 10 adults or more than 5 million people per year die from tobacco-related diseases.
This Reason Causes People Try Smoking
But smokers it still seems not a deterrent. Therefore, do not ever try cigarettes and identify what can make people start to try smoking, as reported by HowStuffWorks, Wednesday (04/04/2012):

This Reason Makes People Try Smoking

1. Relief of stress busting

For people who do not suffer from severe mental illness, smoking may still be some form of self-medication. For example, soldiers who tried smoking to deal with the stress on the battlefield.

Many people feel stress gone after a cigarette. Unfortunately, the addict is not easy to be separated from the cigarette after the stress passes. The tools used to reduce the stress of a sudden becomes a stressor in itself.

2. The influence of advertising and film

Advertising and media such as film can have a significant influence on viewers who watch. The main characters in cigarette ads or films featuring actors were smoking can have the same effect as fashion or trendy gadgets.

Studies show that when young viewers see the main characters in smoking, they are more likely to see smoking as something that is socially acceptable and desired style. This is what eventually makes people start to experiment smoking and addiction.

3. Drugs for yourself

For some people, smoking is basically a way to treat yourself as a disease that causes tension and pain. Patients who suffer from some form of mental illness, like depression or anxiety disorders, may need a cigarette to help alleviate some symptoms.

4. The influence of genetic

As well as allergies and cancer, subtle mutations in one gene can lead to differences between health ailments. Medical genetic research began to suggest that addiction, including nicotine addiction, has the effect of the genetic component in the body.

5. See parents smoking

Children whose parents had smoke are more likely also to be an active smoker, compared with parents of non-smokers or had quit smoking.

According to some studies, the choice of parents for their children at risk of smoking will make twice as much to be current smokers as well.

6. Pressure from peers

The biggest reason teens start smoking is because it tried to pressure from peers. In the period of puberty or adolescence, the role of parents is necessary to be able to make youth feel comfortable so it is not easily influenced by peers.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Estrogen Levels Can Help Detect Lung Cancer

Estrogen Levels Can Help Detect Lung Cancer | Researchers have long known that tobacco smoke is a cause of lung cancer number one. However, recent findings show that estrogen may also play a role on disease.

This is not the first type of cancer associated with estrogen because this hormone is also known to increase breast cancer and other gynecological cancers.

The new research was presented at the Annual Meeting 'AACR 2012' by the scientists at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.
Estrogen Levels Can Help Detect Lung Cancer
If estrogen levels are high, may indicate that the person is more vulnerable to lung cancer or have a worse prognosis.

"We are confident that levels of toxic metabolites of estrogen can later be useful in predicting risk or prognosis lung cancer in a person," said the researcher.

To investigate, Jing Peng, a partner in the laboratory Margie L. Clapper, PhD, examined the lungs healthy mice and found that the lung contains high levels of estrogen metabolites are known as 4-hydroxy estrogen (4-Ohe) and are carcinogenic.

Specifically, 4-Ohe help enable the process to enhance cell growth and generates free radicals that can damage cells.

When researchers expose tobacco smoke for 8 weeks in mice, researchers found that levels of 4-Ohe have increased.

"We believe that these estrogen metabolites can damage cells and contribute to lung cancer," Clapper said as quoted by Science Daily, Wednesday (04/04/2012).

Female mice have a number of 4-Ohe doubled in the lungs, compared with control male rats after estrogen levels in total performed. However, whether this condition will also occur in humans remains to be investigated.

"When lung cancer is more common for women, the number of passive smokers or non-smoker who developed lung cancer actually occurs more frequently men than women," said Clapper.

In the future, Peng and Clapper hope these results will help researchers develop new therapies that target the estrogen metabolism as a way to treat or prevent lung cancer. []

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Causes Coughing Up to 2 Months?

What Causes Coughing Up to 2 Months | From the key clue, 'cough up to 2 months recovering', it is certain that you are suffering from a chronic cough disease.
What Causes Coughing Up to 2 Months?

Causes Coughing Up to 2 Months

Chronic cough is likely to be caused by:
1. Postnasal-drip syndrome from nose and sinus conditions in the nose
2. asthma
3. Gastroesophageal reflux disease
4. Tuberculosis (TB)
5. Chronic bronchitis due to cigarette smoking or due to other irritants
6. bronchiectasis
7. eosinophilic bronchitis
8. The use of drugs known as angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitor
9. Bronchial cancer (bronchogenic carcinoma)
10. Carcinomatosis
11. sarcoidosis
12. Failing left heart chamber (left ventricular failure)
13. Aspirations for pharyngeal dysfunction
14. tracheobronchial collapse
15. Lung cancer
16. Infection of the lungs
17. Cough that is affected by the work environment (occupational environment-induced cough)
18. The spread of breast cancer (metastatic breast carcinomatosis)
19. Interstitial lung disease
20. hyperthyroidism
21. carcinoid tumor
22. Hodgkin's disease
23. Zenker's diverticulum
24. Habit cough or psychogenic

Some things you can do include:
1. Enhance spirituality, living with a heart full of gratitude and sincere
2. Boost the immune system, pattern and balanced nutrition
3. Avoid stress, laughter therapy, music therapy (at least 30 minutes every day)
4. Avoiding irritants, allergens, and certain drugs
5. Diet and lifestyle modification
6. Avoid / stop smoking (when smoking)
7. Live healthy, harmonious and balanced
8. Check to a family doctor or lung specialist or a medical specialist in the nearest
9. Examination / laboratory tests on the indication and the corresponding doctor's instructions, such as: sinus radiograph, chest radiograph (chest radiograph), barium swallow, and bronchodilator spirometry, methacholine inhalation challenge, bronchoscopy, pH probe.

Thus our explanation, may be useful.

Food For Healthy Eyes

Food For Healthy Eyes | The eyes are the five senses are very important. Can imagine if we had eye damage or blindness, we can not enjoy and feel how beautiful the universe. In fact, we often forget to make eye care, but like other parts of the body, the eyes may be affected by disorders or health problems. The disorder can be caused by not clean or polluted, solar radiation, radiation caused too long in front of computers, and other disorders.

Studies conducted by the Eye Disease Prevalence Research Group (2004), estimates that by 2020, the number of people with eye disease and blindness in the world will reach 55 million people. The study mentions that the eye disease and blindness will increase, especially for those who have aged over 65 years. A person aged 80 years and above is an 8% of the total population, suffered blindness as much as 69%.

Health problems in eye, which is common occurrence is vision impairment, symptoms of red eyes without any decrease in visual function, and red eyes with decreased visual function. Until now, eye disease that affects many are cataract, glaucoma, and infection.

Along with the increased attention and knowledge, the effect of nutrition on health, especially the eye health, causing a rapidly growing market for eye health products. Most of these products are marketed for eye health now, is a product in the form of supplements.

In addition to antioxidant compounds (vitamins A, C, and E) that has previously been known to improve eye health, other compounds such as lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin, recently known as a compound that can improve the health of the eye.

Lutein is a yellow carotenoid family of compounds there is lots of green vegetables. Lutein in the macula and are believed to protect the eyes from oxidative damage by ultraviolet irradiation (UV).

Macula is located in the center of the retina and directly adjacent to the lens of the eye. Macula is a small area that contains millions of cells that help produce sharp eyesight to read or see objects clearly.

Other carotenoid compounds contained in the macula is zeaxanthin, which are known to provide benefits for eye health.

How to Sit Up Rightly | Fitness

How to Sit Up Rightly | Stomach problems not only belong to you alone, but also almost all of us have problems with sit ups. Been diligent sit up, but never slim stomach, until it was so saturated and no longer believe in it properties will sit up. Do not rush to give up, maybe there was something wrong with you technique.
How  to Sit Up Rightly | Fitness

Sit up and Benefits:

Sit ups are a movement of abdominal exercises, by lying down on a floor/mat. Folded his knees, and dug in the floor then back in a sleeping position pulled forward, toward the knee. This movement is done for several sets with regular breathing.

Recently, sit ups done with a few variations. Both legs are straightened and attached to the floor, pinned to the wall, using the help of fit-ball, or hung in the air. Basically the same benefits, but with different difficulty levels will sculpt the abdomen from the side that is not merely the same.

Train the abdominal muscles is important. In addition to the stomach to be more slender, the fats that accumulate on the side of the waist to catch fire and you do have the potential for cholesterol and heart disease can be avoided.

For appearance alone, you can more easily choose pants or skirt that you like, without having to feel inferior to the blob of fat everywhere.

Common mistakes made when sit ups:

1. The position has not been fitted and quickly do sit ups

2. Sit up too quickly

3. Sit-ups a lot of movement on the grounds for slim faster

How to sit up rightly?

Right Sit up is: put every part of the body with the correct position. If you feel ready and comfortable, then begins to sit up.

- Better to use a comfortable mat or do situps in the recommended tools (such as that you meet on fitness place)

- Focus on the movement of the abdominal muscles, not how many sit ups you do

- Do sit ups with several sets of the same, for some time, no need to rush to increase the number of sets. But just do it on a regular basis

- Adjust the breath correctly. When the body in a sleeping position, inhale deeply. Exhale slowly at the up position.